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Hang Zhou JieShan.,Ltd
Address:Floor 3rd/4th, Building#1,
                    No.163, Wu Chang Road,
                    Yu Hang District,Hangzhou,
                    China, 310023

Product Specialist

Job responsibilities:1、Finishing the company products and related information, related to the components of professional terminology related English data;
                                        2、Maintain ERP system product information
Job requirements:1、Computer and related professional or the application of electronic and related fields, good knowledge of computer application;
                                     2、Level four or above in English;
                                     3、sincere, optimistic, progressive, serious and responsible.

Sales / Customer Service Engineer

Job responsibilities:1、Responsible for processing multilayer stop single problem;
                                         2、Processing technology of mail foreign customers, timely and customer contact and deal with urgent stop single;
                                         3、With foreign customers circuit board problem, and accurately transmitted to the domestic factories;
                                         4.With other departments on thalidomide monotherapy in coordination.
Job requirements:1、Level four or above in English;
                                    2、Familiar with PCB and component technology;
                                    3、Be proficient in OFFICE software, familiar with ERP application;
                                    4、Logical thinking ability, patience, careful.

SMT placement machine operator

Job responsibilities:Responsible for SMT automatic printing machine operation and maintenance
Job requirements:1、Familiar with SMT patch material, understand the device package, can identify device polarity;
                                    2、Proficiency in the use of" GC2000and CAM350" software, a SMT device programming experience is preferred;
                                    3、Earnest, self-motivated.